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Square Inserts & Glides

Square threaded inserts and glides come in a variety of options and stylesStandard Square Ribbed Inserts are ribbed for easy assembly and secure fitting and cover sharp edges. They are available in a wide range of sizes, 10 different colours and in both a polished or eroded finish Lightweight Square Inserts provide a neat finished appearance and are designed for wall thickness of 1.0-2.0mmChrome-Plated Square Inserts and Chrome Square Inserts offer two different chrome finish insert options. Chrome-Plated inserts offer an attractive finish and provide an enhanced aesthetic appearance. They are ribbed for ease of insertion and a positive fit. Chrome Inserts provide a very neat finish with a high gloss chrome coating. They are available in either chrome or dark chrome finishes

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Square Inserts & Glides - Domed

Domed Square Inserts add an attractive finish to high-quality tubular products

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Square Inserts & Glides - Angled

Angled Square Inserts offer an easily assembled, durable and long lasting part. They are perfect for tube ends or uneven surfaces and for tubes which meet surfaces at an angle

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Square Threaded Inserts & Glides - Metal

Square Metal Threaded inserts come in a variety of optionsAll-Metal threaded inserts are ideal for heavy duty applications and are made from a cast aluminium alloy. Standard Threaded Inserts can be used with either adjustable feet (SR 1572) or adjustable tilt glides (SR1575). For the type 2 Square inserts M8 and M10 thread sizes are available and they are suitable for wall thicknesses of 1.0-2.0mm. Metal-Threaded Inserts are another heavy duty insert option. There are ideal for use with adjustable feet, tilt guides and castors. M8 or M10 threads with mild steel holding nut provides a strong fixing. The metal thread allows for a smooth repeatable adjustment and the two piece mouldings fit neatly together to fit into the tubes. Heavy Duty Square Threaded Inserts are also available with an interference fit. They are designed for use with machine feet and are heavy duty for high load capacity. Horizontal Inserts for Square Tubes are available with various options for joining square tubes. There are 5 types available. Type 1 has 2 levels and 4 directions. Type 2 has I level, 2 directions. Type 3 has 2 levels, 4 directions and a top thread. Type 4 has 2 levels, 4 directions and a bottom thread and type 5 has 2 levels, 4 directions and 2 threads

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