Tooling & Positioning Components

Essentra Components has a wide variety of furniture glides. We offer both nail-on glides and tube inserts for oval, rectangular, round and square tubes.
Nail-on glides are often referred to as tack glides as they resemble a large tack. They have a plastic head molded onto a nickel plated nail and are hammered into wooden furniture legs.

Tube inserts are pushed into the ends of hollow tubes that are used to create furniture, shelves and racks. Our inserts protect the ends of the tubes, covering sharp edges and act as either an end cap or a load bearing foot. We offer several styles of tube inserts including low profile, rounded, felt based, steel based, angled and domed.

Not sure which glide to select for your application?

We can help you select the right size in 3 easy steps with our size & selector guide:

Measure the tube size
Determine wall thickness
Select a style, shape & finish


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