Tooling & Positioning Components

When quick and efficient removal is essential during production use Essentra pull tab plugs. Our range of designs provides protection in many environments for many industries.

Flexible pull plugs have a center or side pull tab feature for easy removal in awkward locations. Made of black Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) these flexible plugs withstand temperatures from -40°F to 275°F. Essentra flexible pull tab plugs are ideal for protecting threaded or plain components wherever resistance to acid is required.

Tapered pull tab plugs allow each size part to plug multiple inner diameters. These plugs made of LDPE have excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, and bases and are available with a side pull tab or center pull tab. Our blue side pull tab plugs come in over 25 sizes and are easily removed in awkward locations while our orange center pull tab plugs have an integral center pull tab for quick and easy removal.

To protect thin-walled type L an M copper or aluminum tubing against dents, dirt, and moisture Essentra offers an LDPE pull tab plug to fit 5 different tube O.D. sizes. The tapered design of the type L & M copper/aluminum tubing plugs ensures a tight fit while internal lateral reinforcement ribs protect the tubing’s concentricity.

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