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Bolts are threaded fasteners used to either hold two or more objects together or to position an object. Bolts are frequently used with washers and nuts and may have either imperial or metric threads.

Steel carriage bolts – These have a square section directly under the head and above the threads, allowing the bolt to be countersunk into a square hole to prevent it from turning during loosening and tightening.

Elevator bolts – Known for their very large, low profile heads. These steel bolts are often called belt bolts because the flush heads make them ideal for industrial belting systems with tight clearances.

Eye bolts - These have a distinctive round, unthreaded loop for a head. Made from forged steel, they come complete with hex nuts.

Tooling Bolts- These are strong specialty bolts, including latch bolts, rod ends, swing eye bolts and T-bolts. We offer options in steel, stainless steel and forged steel.

U-Bolts- These are curved bolts with two threaded ends. We offer your choice of steel or stainless steel, complete with hex nuts.

Steel Yoke Ends- May be threaded or unthreaded and are used for linkage.

In the strictest sense, bolts are threaded fasteners that are secured with a nut. However, many bolts can be used as screws and vice versus. So if you don't see the bolt you are looking for, check out our screws section. We have a many options in both metal and nylon, with several metric threaded screws available.

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