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Essentra tube caps fit standard tube dimensions to provide an attractive finish and strengthen tube ends. We offer several styles of plastic tube caps including round, square, ball, and hanging.

We offer round and square tube ends, including heavy duty styles. Essentra’s heavy-duty round ball caps enhance leg design and accommodate a wide variety of leg angles, while ball caps may also be used as a decorative top or finish and the black LDPE material maintains an excellent press fit. Vinyl tube caps provide a glossy attractive finish making them an ideal option for a decorative end cap, including styles designed for hanging from a peg, hook or fixture.

Don’t forget Angle iron caps and rectangular bar stock caps for capping the ends of bar and angle steel as an affordable answer to the problem of protecting floors from the sharp edges of the steel. To strengthen the end of a tube and prevent wear try Essentra ferrules. Ferrule caps are available in round or square and can be used in a variety of applications.

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