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Steel and stainless steel quick release pins quickly release with a push or pull. They are easy to use because of this push-pull design. They are used for frequent or repetitive connections, such as a weight selector pin on exercise equipment, or for applications in which an object needs to be released very quickly but without difficulty, such as a fire extinguisher mounting bracket.

Essentra Components offers three types of quick release ball lock pins:

Detent Pins- These have springs within the pin shaft that are used to apply force to two ball bearings, which extrude into holes in the pin. To release, this type of pin locks firmly in place when inserted in to the locked position, but simply requires a pull to release them.

Double Acting Pins- To insert double acting pins and get it to lock firmly into place just push in on the handle. To remove, simply pull on the handle. This type of pin comes in a variety of handle types including T-handles, L-handles and rings.

Push Button Pins- These work much in the same way that other quick release pins do with one major difference. Instead of simply pulling on the pin to release it, push button pins require you to physically push a button for the pin to be released.

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