Knobs, Handles & Grips

Bushings are metal or nylon sleeves that are used to obstruct motion in one or more directions while allowing it in others. For instance, they may prevent and object from shifting right and left or pitching, while allowing it to move up and down and to spin.

They are considered plain bearings or sleeve bearings as they reduce friction while requiring very little lubrication. Bushings can also be used to insulate mechanical noises or thermal transfer. They can also be used to create accurate spacing between components and to reduce vibrations.

Machinery bushings are flat specialty washers that can be quickly applied to create precise gaps between shafts, pulleys, gears and other mechanical components.

Flanged bushings have a shoulder that prevents them from being pushed too far into the housing. We offer many styles and sizes in both metal and nylon.

Insulation sleeves are used to keep two objects from coming into direct contact in order to insulate noises, reduce vibrations, prevent an electrical or thermal transfer, or to prevent two corrosive materials from touching.

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