Bearings & Power Transmission

Essentra Components has a wide variety of products insulating from shocks, reducing vibrations and protecting your floors.

Nylon Glide Base Caps — These are pushed onto the pad of metal leveling feet. These glide caps make it easier to slide furniture, are non-marking and help protect floors from scratches and, in damp environments, prevent rust marks from steel feet.

Rubber Covers & Pads — Used for electrical insulation, vibration control and provide a non-skid surface in order to keep your machine from traveling. They are available as covers to go over existing feet or as replacement foot pads.

Threaded Tube Ends — These are tube inserts which are pressed into the end of hollow tubes to provide a mounting surface for leveling feet. We offer threaded inserts for round, square and rectangular tubes.

Anti-Vibration Pads — These are made of rubber or neoprene, they provide a non-skid surface to keep machinery feet from slipping due to vibrations and normal machine operation. They are also designed to absorb rather than transfer electrical shock.

Plastic Weld Cup Inserts Glides — These are designed to fit into the weld cup of wrought iron patio furniture.  Weld cup glides protects your patio or deck from damage and rust stains that can be caused by metal feet.

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